Professional Fine Art Hanging Systems in Sydney
We are offering art hanging and mirror installation services in Sydney for over a decade. Call us today at 0414700089 for mirror and art hanging services.
Art Hanging , Mirror Installation
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Art Hanging and Mirror Installation

Professional Art Hanging and Mirror Installation in Sydney for over 10 years

Fine art hanging is about more than just finding the best possible position for a piece, and making sure it sits straight on the wall. It’s about choosing the right hook/s for the weight and dimensions of the piece, considering the space (or lack thereof) given by the frame, and making sure that no excess damage is caused to the physical integrity of the wall itself. If you’re unsure of any of these factors, fine art hanging can be a daunting task.


That’s where All Art and Mirrors come in.


We’ve been offering art hanging services in Sydney for over a decade. Our team are highly experienced in professional art hanging, and know just what it takes to give you peace of mind that your new investment is being well taken care of. Depending on the size and nature of the piece you wish to hang, whether it’s a heavy baroque mirror or a series of frameless canvases, you’ll also be given a choice of art hanging systems that will work well with your walls and help complement your existing décor. You may be surprised at what’s possible with the type of wall or the space that you want to place your art in; from plasterboard to unsealed brick, we’ll make sure it stays safe and looks stunning.

Large canvas artwork hang and heavy mirror instal Elizabeth Bay NSW
Large mirror installation and artworks placement Elizabeth Bay NSW



Our professional art hanging services in Sydney also extends to mirror hanging and installation. All Art & Mirrors Installation Services are the go to professionals when you’re after someone who knows how to hang mirrors safely and securely. When we hang your mirrors for you, you know you’re in the safe hands of professional installers who are used to dealing with all types and sizes of mirrors, artworks and pictures. We know that these large, delicate and often valuable items all need to be hung with a great deal of care and precision.


From hanging an ornate gilt framed mirror above a fireplace mantlepiece to a floor to ceiling wall mounted mirror installation we can handle it all. We have the expertise and the experience necessary to tackle complex mirror installation projects that require the utmost care and precision handling. We are professionals and we have a deep understanding of the logistics involved in the transportation and secure installation of large, delicate and valuable mirrors and artworks.


We are capable of hanging mirrors and pictures at all sorts of heights, including high above stairs and on double height ceilings in heritage sites and period properties. Our knowledge of building styles and materials allows us to hang heavy mirrors and large pictures on all types of walls, such as solid brick, hollow plasterboard or gyproc and aerated concrete. If you have tried to hang large mirror or picture by yourself and felt nervous and unsure of how to do it, you’d probable be reading this now.


A professional installation job will save you from risks of personal injury or damage to your property, including your valuable artworks and mirrors. There are many factors to be considered when hanging large and heavy items on a wall. From the correct weight distribution, in order to preserve the frame as well as making sure the load bearing capacity of the securing points are matched to the weight of the mirror or picture.


When hanging a very large mirror or picture on a hollow/gyproc wall it is very important to secure it to the studs behind the gyproc sheet. Quite often it is almost impossible to match the two securing “D” hooks or recessed brackets on the mirror or art frame to the studs on the wall. Therefore, additional hardware is required in the form of failsafe split hanging system or french cleat with a 45 degree angle cut used in pairs, one cleat mounted to the wall and a matching edge with reverse angle mounted to the art or mirror frame. These systems can be mounted across multiple points on the gyproc wall including the studs. The cleat will not be seen later and it can be screwed into the wall studs relatively independent of the lateral position of the frame.  The cleat can be the full length of the frame, so it allows supporting the large mirror or picture at least at every stud behind it. This will allow for very precise leveling as well as the optimum safety and weight distribution which in turn, will help to preserve the heavy picture or mirror frame in top shape, avoid warping or bulging. If the wall cleat is left slightly shorter than the artwork or mirror frame, the frame can be shifted left and right slightly after it is hung, for prefect positioning. Once the cleat is secured to the wall, the heavy picture or mirror can be just lifted on to it. Because no fine maneuvering is required even a relatively heavy picture, artwork or mirror can be hung easily this way. The bottom of the picture or mirror can be secured to the wall with an “L” bracket to be sure that it will not get moved along the cleat while in use.


So, if you have a heavy, expensive mirror or a large, heavy and valuable art piece that you need hung professionally, call the experienced experts at All Art & Mirrors Installation Services!!  We will set your mind at ease straight away. We can book in a time to get the job done and deliver your project on time and on budget. To find out more about why All Art and Mirrors are a preferred provider of professional art hanging services in Sydney, click here. To see what we’ve been able to achieve for other happy customers, click here.

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Large framed artworks hanging from gallery picture rail cable system


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