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Professional art and mirror hanging, transport and installation for art galleries, corporate and residential customers. Professional art and mirror hanging, transport and installation for art galleries, corporate and residential customers.
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Mirror Hanging Killara

mirror hanging KillaraIf you require professional assistance with the transportation and or mirror hanging in Killara of a large and heavy mirror or a large over-sized artwork you have come to the right place!! It is always advisable to consult with a professional and experienced installer first if you are not sure how to safely handle or how to proceed with the installation of a heavy and/or large mirror or artwork.

If you are not equipped or familiar with the right tools, fittings and building structure and materials, or simply need the qualified manpower for the peace of mind and assurance of a hassle free installation, we are here to help. Mounting a large and heavy mirror on brick or, more specifically on gyprock/hollow plasterboard wall can be a daunting task. However, we are well equipped and fully experienced professionals ready to deal with any type of installation. We can hang artworks or mirrors to display them to the best effect, enhancing the look of your office or home.mirror hanging services Killara

Our experienced team will have the right solutions for every specific job scenario, such as failsafe split hanging system, french cleat, art and mirror hanging Killara tracks. We are also capable of reinforcing the walls to handle the weight of your large and heavy mirror or artwork. We are the experts in handling very large heavy mirrors and artworks, specially in restricted areas with difficult access such as stairwells and high ceilings. Our experienced installers are able to liaise with clients and interior designers alike to achieve the best results when hanging your artworks and mirrors. May it be a heavy metal frame mantlepiece mirror or an outdoor cast iron large mirror, we will make sure that the structural and architectural design of your building are taken in consideration during the installation. We will use only proven techniques and the correct fittings for the installation, in order to preserve the integrity of your mirror or artwork, whilst achieving the correct placement with best aesthetics.

We also supply and install mirrors for large scale gym fit outs as well as  domestic and commercial splash-back mirrors. We take the upmost care in our handling of artworks and mirrors because we care for our customers and their precious acquisitions. And for many there’s special sentimental value attached also. In order for us to provide you with a quote for your heavy mirror or large over-sized artwork installation we will require some information:

  • Size and weight of your mirror/artwork
  • Frame type eg. Metal/wood
  • Photo of the rear of your mirror
  • Required placement with photos of access and floor space for the setup of ladders etc.

Our range of services also including the transportation of artworks and mirrors. If you purchased a large mirror or artwork and need it picked-up and delivered we are here to help. Our professional art and mirror handlers will be happy to assist you with collecting, delivering and installing your new acquisition. We are able to transport, deliver and install artworks and mirrors in size up to 3m by 2m. Our transportation service is covered by insurance for items up to $50k in total value. Additional insurance cover can be obtained upon request.

We transport artworks, pictures and mirror hanging throughout Killara, surrounding areas and interstate. We have numerous satisfied clients over the years who became our loyal customers, keen to refer our professional services to others.  Should you wish to have your large mirror installed professionally, we service the Sydney metro area and further afield. No job is too small or too big, please contact us for further details.

Professional art transport, installation and art hanging for both home and office spaces

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Our team members have years of experience working with valuable art and can offer the professional services you need to safely transport your artwork.

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Our friendly, professional and insured team can come into your home and office and help you hang appropriate pieces that will enhance the appearance of any room.

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We supply and install industry leading picture hanging systems, and we are dedicated to providing you with the art hanging services you need at work and at home.

If you have a question we'd love to help so please contact us today.